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Internet Service Provider

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Our company is a forward thinking, innovative Internet Services Provider (ISP), which aims to secure its vision of being securely placed to meet the understanding and requirements of our fast changing world, society and environment.

Network Infrastructure Solution

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Our Network Infrastructure Solutions provide customers with reliable communication networks, protection from unauthorised access and exceptional performance. Our certified and highly trained staff provide a complete network solution.

ICT Consultancy

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With Skyrex Technology information and communications technology (ICT) consultancy ensures technology not only meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed to realise the promised benefits.

  • Skyrex Technology

    Vsat - Internet connectivity

    Satellite-based IP communications technology enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in any environment. Through our Vsat network, you will find broadband access solutions for telecommunications carriers, enterprise customers and military and government organizations. Our Vsat platform has extended private networks to remote offices, support mobile connectivity across land, sea and air, providing high-speed broadband access anywhere.

    Today, satellite IP communications represents a powerful solution to deliver high-speed, two-way connectivity enabling IP applications in any environment. Satellite overcomes distance and environmental challenges, taking broadband to any location as part of an integrated network. Satellite is independent of terrestrial infrastructure and can be accessed immediately, providing operational continuity and a communications lifeline in emergencies. It can extend broadband across the ocean and into the sky. And portable systems can be deployed at a moment’s notice in any geography or situation.

    • C-Band

      Covering Africa, Europe and the Middle East, our C-band services provide our customers with increased resistance to rain fade for unprecedented reliability. In areas of high rainfall C-band is the technology of choice, and we offer a huge range of service plans for this platform.

      Uplinked from our new teleport with an 18m antenna our C-band service, with this power at the hub, offers excellent signal strength and quality of service to customer sites with 1.8m antenna installations. The service supports the iDirect 3100 series modem & iDirect Evolution modem, an industry leading technology for the most advanced levels of reliability and efficiencies.

      Key Features
      • iDirect's Intelligent Platform making it a better choice for VPN and/or VoIP
      • D-TDMA Upstream Transmission
      • TCP & HTTP Acceleration
      • DVB-S2 Technology
      • Adaptive Coding and Modu

      Skyrex Technology provides SLA (Service Level Agreement) with all iDirect-enabled services we offer. Basically, providing our customers with SLA means that we guarantee you a high-quality Internet access service which will be available at 98.2% of all the time and better.

      Skyrex Technology iDirect-enabled service includes CIR (dedicated segment) quotas, defined by the SLA to assure toll free business quality to transport VoIP, Videoconferencing and streaming applications. The CIR is available on a 24h/7d basis and is dynamically re-allocated by the Modem's QoS mechanism to prioritize VoIP and streaming traffic and assure toll free quality of voice despite any current bandwidth load.

      HTTP and TCP Acceleration is already integrated into the Skyrex Technology iDirect service. This kind of acceleration provides up to 400% speed boost over the standard non-accelerated VSAT service by overcoming the RTT latency issues caused by the high distance between the Earth and the satellite. Users love the fast response and the download speeds of accelerated iDirect service.

      Scalability and flexibility - time passes and networks grow, the amount of computers is raising and the overall bandwidth demand always tend to increase. This is common for any kind of project, including an Enterprise network, Internet cafe or ISP. iDirect offers you a flexible possibility to start with the minimal service level and upgrade it smoothly up to the high-end class without investing additional funds into the VSAT equipment. iDirect offers to it's owners to start mutliservice long-term projects with minimal recurring investments. Depending on the type of application, you can grow from a small network of 10 users into an ISP segment with 1500 subscribers on the same equipment and still have freedom to scale further.

    • Ku-Band

      The Networking Power You Need Via Satellite.

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      A powerful, enterprise-level Ku band satellite system that delivers high speed Internet and VoIP Phone Service, and has the power to support enterprise applications such as VPN, ERP systems, and streaming audio and video. iDIRECT Ku band fixed satellite solution is ideal for those needing high speed Internet and high quality VoIP, telephone and VPN services from a fixed location virtually anywhere - no matter how remote. Ideal for use at remote branch locations, rig shacks, work sites, or other permanent locations.

      Skyrex Technology Ku band satellite network, can provide you with industry-best VoIP phone services. We have optimized our network specifically for these services and provide exceptional customer support and real-time 24/7/365 monitoring.

      Our Network. High performance, high quality, exceptional service. iDIRECT fixed satellite system is powered by our Ku band satellite network, which provides broadband Internet and industry best VoIP phone services.


      • High speed Internet - a variety of extreme speeds and rates are available.
      • Complete office services -VoIP/Phone/VPN services, networking to support multiple PC's, simultaneous voice and broadband data, and support for video conferencing and surveillance.
      • Flexible positioning - iDIRECT can be permanently mounted on a building or other stationary structure with a non-intrusive mount, skid mounted on a flat surface (ground or roof), or attached to a pole.
      • Completely secure - connect seamlessly via your preferred VPN application.


      • Coverage far beyond cellular - Improve productivity and safety when working, traveling, or visiting remote areas. iDIRECT can find the satellite from fringe areas that smaller systems are unable to reach, offering complete coverage throughout West Africa.
      • Superior voice clarity with VoIP - Enjoy natural conversation with minimal satellite delay. Our satellite network, is optimized for VoIP over satellite.
      • Extremely robust - Designed to operate in challenging environmental conditions from the dense tropical region to the desert.


      • 1.2m or 1.8m fixed satellite dish which provides coverage for most areas of West Africa.
      • We can also provide a complete solution including:

        - A 1.2m or 1.8m satellite dish and accessories
        - 3-Watt transmitter
        - iDIRECT Ku band satellite transceiver modem
        - HD Universal or non-penetrating mount
        - and Broadband router with firewall and wireless access point.

    • Ka-Band

      YahClick is Ka band based high speed satellite broadband covering 28 countries in Africa, Middle East and South West Asia.

      In Africa, the Internet is a make or break in many situations these days with limited access and expensive rates that abounds just to receive the best Internet connection.

      Via YahClick users can now experience: strong, secured, reliable, and fast Internet connection at all times with as much as minor interference and almost zero service disturbance and available at affordable rates to Africans.

      YahClick is a cost-effective, high-speed satellite broadband service that allows instant Internet connection even in remote parts of Africa anywhere by using small satellite dish and satellite modem.

      • Skyrex Technology

        Hughes HN9260 – Only for YahClick Home Service Plans

        The Hughes HN9260 is a high-performance broadband satellite router. The HN9260 supports the Hughes On-Demand Streaming feature that, when enabled by the operator, allows the HN9260 to act as a SIP call proxy so that Constant Bit Rate (CBR) bandwidth is allocated per individual call, resulting in very high-quality voice traffic.

      • Skyrex Technology

        Hughes HN9460 – for YahClick Business and Home Service Plans

        The Hughes HN9460 is a high-throughput satellite router with advanced adaptive LDPC coding. Through the combination of adaptive LDPC coding and a powerful processor, the HN9460 supports upstream burst rates of 3.6 Mbps !

        To enable superior end-user performance, the HN9460 includes a full set of integrated Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization features. Accelerated TCP and HTTP performance features, including HTTP pre-fetch (objects are locally cached on the HN9460) along with DNS caching, enable fast Web browsing.

    • Marine Satellite Systems

      Sea Tel

      Our technology is inspired by the challenges maritime professionals face every day. And it is only through a profound understanding of their needs and expectations that we have been able to deliver such a complete range of high quality products that truly support the realities of life at sea.

      Full portfolio - covering every communication need

      As we team up with the world's leading manufacturer of global satellite and radio communications equipment, we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of reliable, innovative and user friendly solutions.

      Whether for the biggest ocean going vessels, fish- and workboats or leisure yachts and sailboats, our maritime products have you covered.

      Our unique product suite covers a full range of maritime communication solutions including:

      • Satellite Communication – VSAT Internet Broadband Services
      • Radio communication - A wide range of fixed and portable VHF, UHF, and MF/HF radios
      • Safety & regulatory systems - GMDSS Series, EPIRB & SART
      • Entertainment - Satellite TV

      The highest standards

      Our technology performs when it really counts. The latest generation of our maritime products communications solutions delivers improved features, proven performance, extreme durability and extensive global support. All our products are designed to meet the tough demands of any marine environment and support vessel operations with efficiency and ease.

      This is why we ensure that our products not only meet the latest global requirements, but adhere to our unique quality standard; all products have been put through advanced shock, vibration, performance and corrosion test regimes to ensure suitability for a lifetime at sea.

      Truly unique world wide service

      With the largest GMDSS-compliant installed base in the world, no one else does more to keep your crew connected, compliant and safe, worldwide. Our extensive network of On Board Service Centers is known the world over to offer the most reliable and efficient repair and service expertise, ready to help at a moment's notice.

      With carefully selected, comprehensive spare parts always in stock and teams of factory-trained service engineers always on hand, we will be with you to provide hassle-free, first-time fix support wherever you are in the world.

  • Skyrex Technology

    Fiber Optics - Internet connectivity

    Businesses are relying heavily on IP technology to function with increasing demand for multimedia applications and content, and as IP services grow rapidly, endless possibilities will evolve.

    Skyrex Technology is a metro fiber infrastructure company catering local loop for needs of Carrier Grade Telco and Last mile Solution for ISP and Enterprise customers. Skyrex Technology aims to meet the demand for enormous growth potential of Telecommunication Industry in Nigeria.

    Our Services:

    Metro Fiber Loop Services – Connecting lease line services via fiber from point to multipoint locations via SDH and or Metro Ethernet. We also promote Open Access Network via full fiber optic medium.

    Our Coverage Area:

    Skyrex Technology Fiber penetration covered the major cities in Nigeria.

    Our presence to major carriers and operators is the main strength of Skyrex Technology to enable routing capability for Tier 1 Level carriers.

    Skyrex Technology operates the most resilient metro internet subway to guarantee the highest reliable and quality of services, this has made us the preferred local loop provider of leading Telco and ISP providers in Nigeria.

  • Skyrex Technology

    Network Infrastructure Solution

    With Skyrex Technology network infrastructure solution, enterprises are able to meet today's demand for performance-optimized bandwidth with reduced complexity. Our network infrastructure products provide network solutions that dynamically adapt to optimize real time application delivery. Customers benefit from this application fluent network through streamlined operations, creating a resilient and low-latency network while delivering a high quality user experience.

    Network Infrastructure Solution Portfolio

    Whether it's Unified Communications, video collaboration, or data, we provide secure, flexible, reliable and green options to simplify your networks while lowering your costs

    • Voice & Data

      Skyrex Technology provides expert, turnkey vendor services for telecommunications and data network communications.

      We are an Avaya Business Partner servicing all models of Avaya, Krone, Lucent and as well as Panasonic Certified System Dealers for all Panasonic Digital Phone Systems (KX-TD and KX-TDA), We also service Panasonic's fine line of analog business and residential phone systems...the KX-TA624 and TA1232 as well as the new TAW Series.

      All Panasonic systems feature state-of-the-art cordless system phones and robust, feature-rich voice-mail with auto-attendant, we customize telephone solutions and implement strategies specific to your company's needs allowing your system to exhibit the behavior you specify and desire.

      We also offer Certified Structured Cabling System installations from most major cable manufacturers for voice, data and fiber optics. All our installers are factory trained and certified assuring you of a top quality installation. We label, test and certify all our cabling installations...all Voice & Data Systems cabling is lifetime guaranteed. We offer service from Local Exchange Carriers for basic dial tone, DSL, Cable, DID, Frame Relay, DSS, ISDN, PRI, T-1, and OS3 as well as long distance.

      We truly are a single point of contact for all of your low voltage telecom and datacom needs "...experts in communication and network technology..."

    • RF / Microwave Radio Network

      Skyrex Technology provides optimized wireless broadband solutions addressing the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges of telecom operators, smart cities, security, and enterprise customers. Our innovative solutions are based on multiple technologies across licensed and unlicensed spectrum's.

      Multi-dimensional Portfolio: Multiple frequencies, networks, applications, topologies, and environments

      Unparalleled Experience: RAN expertise from standards development to specialized applications and years of field experience in relevant technologies including Wi-Fi and 4G

      Reliable Partnerships: Sharing best practices, business tools, and global experience

      Solutions: At Skyrex Technology, we are in a key position to enable our customers to meet growth opportunities in the marketplace with an offering that will address the increasingly complex requirements of wireless broadband networks for years to come.

      Broadband Wireless Access Solutions: For Broadband Operators and Providers using Microwave radio in Licensed & Unlicensed frequencies

      Private Network Solutions: For Enterprises, Businesses and Verticals using unlicensed Wi-Fi and WiMAX frequencies

      Carrier-grade Wi-Fi Solutions: For Mobile Carriers and Enterprises using unlicensed frequencies

      Technology: Skyrex Technology has partnered with Microwave radio manufacturers at the forefront of technology innovations of OFDM and IP innovation.

    • Fiber Optics

      Intelligent communications, mobility, and high bandwidth applications are pushing the limits of today’s data communications networks. At Skyrex Technology, our Fiber Innovation in fiber connectivity and advanced optical technologies are setting new standards for miniaturization and high-speed solution

      It’s time to make the critical switch from copper to fiber networking. Skyrex Technology Connectivity combines high-speed reliability with unmatched ease of installation. Like innovative multi-fiber connectivity solutions that enable installers to mate 72 fibers at one time. Also enterprise network can be faster, more robust and ready to thrive in the fiber age.

    • Network Security

      Your network is at risk from external and internal activities and needs protection on all fronts. Skyrex Technology has partnered with the world leading Firewall/Router security device that addresses these needs while containing costs with future proof products that protect current infrastructure investments.

      Networks are becoming more relevant in the world we live in today, and this network can create a connected planet that unleashes a great wealth of possibility, innovation, and discovery that cannot be measured. But the demands on the network are changing rapidly and require a new approach.

      Cloud computing and the mobile Internet are two macro trends driving an exponential increase in traffic volume, new services, and new subscribers around the world. These trends will define the next decade, with broad implications for the technology industry, and for network innovation in particular.

      Cyberoam UTM delivers enterprise-class network security with stateful inspection firewall, VPN and IPS, offering the Human Layer 8 identity-based controls and Layer 7 application controls. It ensures high levels of network security, network connectivity, continuous availability and secure remote access with controlled network access to road warriors, telecommuters, partners, customers.

      With granular controls and advanced networking features, Cyberoam UTM appliances offer enterprise-class security and high flexibility with protection against blended threats, malware, Trojans, DoS, DDoS, IP spoofing attacks, spam, intrusions and data leakage.

      Key Highlights

      Shift from Firewall to UTM Security – Cyberoam offers Stateful Inspection Firewall that is tightly integrated with VPN (IPSec & SSLVPN), Intrusion Prevention System, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Web Filtering, Bandwidth Management, Multiple Link Management to provide unified security.

      Layer 1 to Human Layer 8 Firewall – Cyberoam UTM’s Stateful Inspection Firewall implements policies based on the Physical Layer 1 to Application Layer 7 and Human Layer 8 with User Identity in addition to source, destination zone, IP address and application. It enables organizations to control access to network resources based on the user identity, work profile and application access requirement of external users like customers and partners, internal LAN users and employees outside the perimeter like road warriors, telecommuters. It also offers user identity-based security in dynamic Wi-Fi, DHCP and shared endpoint environments.

      VPN – Cyberoam UTM offers VPNC-certified IPSec and SSL VPN over the UTM appliance, ensuring easy-to-manage secure remote access with high business flexibility while lowering the capital and operating expense involved in deploying dedicated VPN appliances.

      IPS – Cyberoam offers advanced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) carrying thousands of signatures applicable with human and application layer policies to automatically detect and block intrusions, IM and P2P exploits, backdoor attacks and other malware. Cyberoam’s IPS carries HTTP proxy signatures and custom signature capability, offering customized protection to meet the unique security requirements of each organization.

      Advanced Network Security – Cyberoam offers advanced network security features to deliver business continuity, faster uptimes, higher network throughput, rapid network growth, meeting the security and regulatory compliance requirements through the following capabilities –

      • High Availability with stateful failover
      • Dynamic routing
      • Multiple VLAN zones to create work-profile based groups across distributed locations
      • Virtual host capability, enabling secure hosting of services inside the LAN and DMZ
      • Centralized management and Logging-reporting

    • CCTV Camera Systems

      Skyrex Technology is focused on megapixel technology and through our strategic partnerships with world class manufacturers who have contributed more to the advancement of megapixel imaging for professional security applications than any other company in the security market. Our installed base of megapixel cameras crosses a broad spectrum of applications and venues

      A large selection of megapixel cameras are available – our product line includes H.264 and JPEG 1.3, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 20 megapixel models available in our:

      • MegaVideo®Compact
      • MegaVideo®
      • MegaDomeTM
      • MegaViewTM
      • D4F/D4s
      • SurroundVideo®

      All offer a superior price/performance ratio and integration with best in breed VMS platforms. Our suite of multi-megapixel cameras will make any IP video network execution better – and deliver the greatest ROI – as compared against conventional cameras.

      We offer IP video with cutting edge innovations, superior performance and the broadest selection of megapixel IP cameras.


    We meet the requirements of industries that deliver essential services on networks that operate in harsh conditions.

    • Education
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Oil & Gas Industry
    • Transportation
    • Construction & Manufacturing

    Professional Services

    Optimize your network solution with the help of our professional services team.

    The Vision of Our Products

    Simplify networks and reduce costs

  • Skyrex Technology

    ICT Consultancy

    At Skyrex Technology, our sales team doesn’t just want to win your business nor do they make promises the rest of the company can't deliver. At our first meeting we will get to know each other and we will undertake a Business Analysis to provide a solution overview.

    • We will work in partnership with you to discover what it is that you really need and want.
    • We will not try to shoehorn a fit with our solution to win the business.
    • We will recommend the use of trusted third-party software where relevant.
    • The overview must include your budgetary and timescale limitations.
    • We provide an overall plan that shows you how the solution will fit together.
    • We will provide a financial plan that discusses the costs and potential risks of the project.
    • If we cannot achieve your minimum requirements within the budget or time scales we will tell you so and try to find alternative solutions.
    • If the scale of the project requires that an additional business analysis be made to deliver the solution, this will be presented in the project plan as a cost.
    • It may not be possible to quote the final cost of a project at the first meeting. We will provide an accurate estimation for the first phase of the project in addition to outlining the estimated costs of future phases.

Our aim
"providing total solutions for your Information Technology needs."


We are supporting our sites 7 days a week. The opening hours of our 1st level help-desk are from Monday to Sunday:

07:30AM to 05:30PM GMT

During that time you are always able to register, commission and activate sites as well as get assistance in troubleshooting.

Our sales and engineering departments are available from Monday to Friday

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